Ananas Global is the Triton operator & representative of Starcom system in Israel.
True till end of 2011 .

Triton containers tracking device.
The most sophisticated unit for real time GPS Tracking of containers designed for security and management, With its automatic remote operation and system stability, Triton gives you full control of all possible events.

Triton is the only system of its kind, which includes sensors to provide you with alerts on various situations such as: door opening, breaking-In through side walls or if forcing the door, container’s
tilt, fall, impact and so forth.
The sophisticated unit and its builtin battery can operate a full month and operate all over the world.

Download the Triton Specifications

Triton for refeers containers (refrigerated containers).
Sensor for ambient temperature installed in the container provides information about inside container environment such as levels of temperature, humidity and gas. The Control Center compares the data received from the container with the figures you defined, and addresses any deviation according to your instructions.

Control center.
Information about the container and its condition continuously reaches a dedicated 24/7 operating Control Center.
The Control Center commands the Triton units all over the world.
Monitor the container’s route, location and alarms at any given time.
Define the professional needs at any time and place to take care.

The results:
1. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that in case of any deviation from the routine, you will be the first to know, and that you have the ability to make sure that the problem is quickly and automatically attended to.
2. You increase efficiency and save money. Real-time control of your entire container fleet optimizes its management and as a direct result, significantly reduces costs.

Starcom Systems known as a leading innovative and experienced developer company in the area of Car GPS Trackers.
With its Helios Vehicle GPS Tracker.

Update From jan 2013 : Ananas-Global offers today its new devices with new web Tracking service from Gurtam.
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